Cheers to a new beginning…

As my first blog post (ever), I wanted to ease into welcoming you to Working In Heels by sharing a little inspiration to get you through your days at work, at home, with friends, with boy problems, in traffic, or just one of “those” days. Kind of like a glass of wine, or better yet a nice, fresh glass of Sangria, I always enjoy reading reminders on why we as women need to remain stable and constant. It isn’t because our family, friends, and/or significant others expect us to, it is because we are made with our own individual flare that the world would not be complete without. We are beautiful in our own way, as cliche as it is. But you just need to hear it sometimes. We feel the most desirable when we are embraced by our lover, we are not satisfied until we get dessert, and yearn for more when we have everything. It is a mystery of a women and it gets even more complicated as we immerse our womanhood with our professional endeavors. But even when we feel like giving up, we have to remember that in those dark times, our lives are the most exciting. Our vulnerability is what enables us to become the women that we were intended to be – a learner, a fighter, and a survivor. We learn twice as fast, finally accept our flaws, and become ten times more amazing.

And just when we think we can’t handle it anymore, the storm is over. Our lives seem bearable again and we seem like “ourselves,” except this time we are wiser, sexier, and mentally healthier. It isn’t us that seem to struggle to get out of bed in the morning or cry ourselves to sleep at night; instead it is our sisters, daughters, mothers, or best friend. We comfort them the best way we can, but you know that deep inside it is their time to shine – their time to learn – and their time to grow, so you silently wait for their revolutionizing moment where they take off their pity-party shoes and slip on their proud high heels. It is the mystifying cycle of being a woman. So, like I said I wanted to share something special that summarizes all the pep talks that you’ve heard from your family and friends.

It comes from a website that captures the sole purpose of my blog – to inspire professional women to embrace their individuality.Turned On Women Manifesto When I read it, I was not only moved but inspired to proudly wear my high heels during the times that I feel like I want nothing to do with myself or my life. I hope you are just as inspired… enjoy!

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