Zumba Love

Every time I go to my Zumba class, I am always reminded of my first time visiting a class with one of my best friends in Chicago (KB). I was excited, curious, and nervous all at the same time. My main concern was what people would think of me and my ability to show off the dance moves that I perfected over the years in the privacy of my own bedroom. Would I look stupid? Will I not be able to keep up? Who will be there? What will people think? These questions are rehearsed over and over again in my head when I try anything new. You see, throughout my life everything I did and the choices I use to make were 30% what I wanted and 70% of what others expected of me. Sad and pathetic, I know. Luckily, I’ve had enough trials and tribulations and growing opportunities in my life to make the appropriate changes.

So, my first time at Zumba I had an epiphany that changed my perspective on life – sometimes people are just too busy living their own lives to care about “you” and your’s. I noticed as the music began and everyone started mimicking the instructor, no one cared about the way I danced or the mistakes I was making; they were too busy trying to learn the moves themselves. After the class was over, I realized that there is a life lesson to learn – you shouldn’t care what other people think because they just might not really care. Let me put it in this perspective, if your daily “To Do List” is a million tasks long, what makes you think that everyone else’s aren’t?! People are so consumed with their own lives that it doesn’t matter what you do with your life. So, wear your favorite high heels even if your co-workers aren’t, order your dessert even if your date doesn’t want one, and be who you want to be – yourself. Sometimes it isn’t “about you” it is about just “being you”.

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