Men are from Mars

“What do men and mascara have in common? They both run at the first sign of emotion.” -Anonymous

Women love to talk about men. We even use code language to meet up to talk about them- “girls’ night”, “lunch date”, “wine night”, “happy hour with the girlfriends”, “shopping date with the ladies”. In fact, when we are single, we talk about the type of men we want meet, when we are dating we talk about the different types of men, and when we finally settle down we are still talking about men, except now the majority of our conversation is about the differences between men and women. Can you think of the last time you met up with your girlfriends and not talked about men? Pretty tough huh? There isn’t anything wrong with it; I mean it is because of men that women have an instant connection with each other and we depend on each other to get through some of the tough times in our lives. Men are different intellectually, emotionally, and even physically. They have different hobbies, like different things, engage in different types of conversations, and my favorite – they don’t have PMS!

I think the difference between men and women are most prevalent during “that time of the month”. Once a month we become more sensitive, needy, passionate, and sentimental. We want more, but we don’t even know what we want. We just know that we don’t feel like “ourselves” but the world doesn’t stop for our grief, so we continue the best we know how… eating chocolate! (just kidding, sorta) So, my question is why is it that you are the best girlfriend and perfect companion for the entire month, but your significant other can’t give you one week to be a woman? Why is it that during “that time of the month” your partner expects you to fight biology? And, when he does give you some leeway for being sensitive one day – the next day it is automatically voided and immediately you owe him your perfect self again. I think there are three types of men.

Type A – The Warrior: the type that understands women and their needs during PMS week, but he puts up his guard and becomes defensive in every conversation because he is a proud warrior that defends his masculinity.
Type B – The Phantom: these men are the ideal partners for three weeks but when it is that time of the month, he is no where to be found. He avoids the PMS-you and patiently awaits for your non-PMS return.
Type C – The Hero : this is the ideal guy that understands the situation, but is sympathetic to that time of the month. He knows he must be a little more sensitive because you are on edge. He does this not because he devalues himself, but because he loves you for everything that you are and everything that you are not. He values the relationship and respects you for you – a woman. He, obviously, doesn’t like to fight and understands that it doesn’t mean he is less of a man to defuse arguments. He doesn’t run away or avoids – he is your hero and saves you from yourself.

So, what type of guy do you have and what type of partner do you desire? A reality show had some insightful advice, it said “The times that you are dating is the best that your relationship will ever be. After you get married, it gets more complicated because it binds you in a contract.” Anyway, think about it. If they don’t understand now, what makes you think they’ll get it tomorrow? Maybe it is time for a heart-to-heart despite what type of partner you have. If anything, at least it will save you from smeared mascara once a month!

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