Winter wonders….

Today’s Forecast: A few snow showers, a high of 33 degrees and winds coming in from the North at a speed of 10 mph. Don’t be surprised to witness chaos on the rode, Christmas music on the radio, and the desire to just snuggle up by the fireplace with a warm cup of tea watching reruns of your favorite shows…

With the first snow storm of the year, it really is starting to feel like the holidays. And, when I say the holidays, I include all the chaotic shoppers on Black Friday, the first time snow drivers, and the anxious people in the grocery store before Thanksgiving. No matter where you live, the holiday season is the same. The Starbucks cups are the same. The deals and sales are the same. And, the people are the same – tense and stressed, me included. Of course, I’m stressed for all different reasons but nonetheless stressed.

Today, I started thinking about my Christmas Shopping List and every year it is the same problem after the first three people – dad, mom, & brother. I never know who is going to be on my final Christmas list because my “friends” come and go so often. This got me wondering if this problem is part of the universal theme of the holidays or if it is just my unfortunate curse of quantity over quality. Growing up as a military brat, I have become accustomed to a changing circle of friends. So out of 767 Facebook friends, I have no idea who I would consider my real friends besides a handful. When you are a kid, you are quick to name your “best friend”, in high school its easy for you to replace your “best friend”, and as an adult you just don’t know who you can call your friend. I’m still contemplating whether that’s good or bad. Whatever it is, it is a fact of life. You’ll have friends in quantity throughout your life; its the friends of quality that is a rarity and that is why they should be treasured and rewarded; hence the importance of Christmas and Birthdays. They are the two times a year that guarantee you the opportunity to tangibly show your appreciation, and what is even better is that your true friends don’t expect anything at all because they value the friendship above anything else. They are the friends that you can always call when you are sad, the friends that help celebrate your triumphs, and the friends that understand that life is hectic and your schedule changes but the foundation of friendship never does. And, although I am most thankful for my friends, I can’t discredit my appreciation from the lessons I’ve learned from my fake and/or seasonal friends, especially since they are the ones that made me realize how important true friendship really is… it is a winter wonder how I’ve been blessed with a handful of amazing “friends” in my life.

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