Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I am thankful for:
Religion My Faith. Because without it, there would be no purpose for life. No reason for trials and tribulations, heartaches, and successes. God – Thank you.
Family My Life Line. The people that have been there since my existence and continue to love me through my triumphs, failures, and my journey into new chapters of my life. Dad, Mom, & Brother – you are not just my “family” you are my life line because without you, there would be no me. Thank you.
Friends My Soulmates. I am thankful for the people that I was suppose to meet in my lifetime. The girls that were suppose to be my sisters. The guys that were suppose to be my brothers. And, the people that I was suppose to be challenged by in order to be the strong person I am today. Thank you.
Boyfriend My Lover. The one person that has made a true imprint in my heart. CMG – you have completed me as a person more in just two years than people have my whole life. Thank you.
The Past My Mistakes. The decisions that led to my regret, tears, heartache, and anxiety has made me a stronger, wiser, and less anxious person. And, given the opportunity, I would never change my mistakes – I would only make more. To my mistakes – thank you.
My Future. My Destiny. The time spent waiting for the next chapter of my life to begin has taught me patience. What I don’t know has made me quicker to ask for help and to be more thankful for the now. So, for the people I’m destined to meet, the accomplishments I am suppose to achieve, and the experiences that I am suppose to be a part of – Thank you.

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