While most girls her age were pretending to be a movie star or a model, this girl always wanted to be a lawyer or a chief executive officer. As she got older, her ambition altered with a little flare. Wearing mom’s high heels, she wanted to become a leader that was not yet defined. A leader that would be silent but extremely powerful, fierce but compassionate, and  strong but yet so gentle that her leadership was contagious and she would be trusted among all levels of management. She wanted to lead by example and inspire those around her to be whatever their hearts desired to be… this little girl wanted to become who she was always meant to be — herself. And so her journey began…

Yuri Jung was born in Tacoma, Washington, but grew up as a military brat. Traveling around the world, she lived in three different countries and various regions of the United States until she settled into her home in the Pacific Northwest. Heavily involved as Student Ambassador for the Edward R Murrow College of Communication and Cable 8 News/Production, Yuri graduated Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication in May 2009 at Washington State University. She immediately pursed her graduate degree at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois where she received her Master of Science in Communication. Her graduate study included a concentration in managerial and corporate communication related to innovative strategies within global competition and sustainable international development. Yuri is always looking for an opportunity to network, she can be reached at yurisjung@gmail.com or found on LinkedIn – yurisjung.