From Past to Present – Planner Countdown to 2011!

I started using a planner when I was 14 years old and without fail, I have bought one every year ever since. I love the feeling of accomplishment as I flip through the pages of a used planner. And, lucky for me I have kept all my planners. So, in the spirit of another new year I wanted to share random things I have come across in my planners from past years starting with 2001…

“If God brings you to it… he’ll bring you through it…”
June 4 – FBLA Officers meeting @2:15pm; Drivers Ed @6-8pm
June 18 – Speeches on Channel One; Basketball Practice 3-5pm; Vote
“Student Leadership Application” and “Chair-Person for Candy Grams Organize”

Aug 20 – Call Wal-Mart for car wash; Zoo! @12pm w/ Sungjin; Church@6:30pm; Movies w/ Angel #1
August 30 – Early bird Prayer Meeting @6am; Pay for ASB,Yearbook, and Register Duncan (my car!); Volleyball practice @1:30-3:30pm; School shopping @4:30pm; Cheer Meeting @11am; Jinna’s Birthday in Seattle @6pm
Sept 26 – Church @9:30am; No work; Work on college apps/Scholarship; Do portfolio; Puyallup Fair w/ Coffee Bean, Christina, and Fisher; Study for the ACT

March 4 – Gym w/Alishia @9am;FBLA Meeting @2:30; Meet w/ Christina @4pm; Church@6:30; Do Cookie prep @3rd period
April 23 – Register for WSU or UW; Workout @7am; Renew passport; Lunch date @11am; WHS sale @10am-6pm
May 16 – Assembly – Spring Sports; Write my grad speech; Go shopping for Oppa’s birthday; Broadcasting @6pm
Aug 13 – Move into Dorm 10am-5pm

Aug 26 – Sociology 101 @9:10; LUNCH BREAK; English 101 @1:10; Psychology 105 @2:10pm;Math 210 @310; Study!; Homework!; Take online quiz Gen Ed 111; “I want to go home….”
Sept 20 – Meet Mysty@9:45am in Murrow 225; AWC Bake Sale @10-11am The CUB; Look over math notes (lunch break); Class@1:25-2:40pm; AWC Meeting @5:30 Murrow 307; Study Psych 105; Look over Math; Math Exam #1 @7-9pm Todd 130;Pay AWC Due $15.00; Do CA application; Buy blue book
Jan 26 – Work@10-12pm; stop by Professor Streets Office Wil 315; Com 101 @2:40-3:35; Lab report due; CRU @7pm
April 21 – Meetin Com Counselor @9:30; Theat @10; Gen Ed 110 @11: FSHN@12; Register @1 with Mallory (SIFE); Jared,MIA [CADD]; Work @6-9pm; MexicanNight @9-12pmMcKrosky Hall; E-mail Professor Lee; Yuri Keep Checking COM 245; Gymwith Mallory 9:30

Sept 13 – ES/RP 101@9:10; Break: turn in application; BDCST 150 @11:10; Break; Anth 101@1:10;ES/RP Lab @2:10-5:10pm TROY 116; Study Session ES/RP @5-6 Troy 212; Study for COM 245 Exam; Study ES/RP/Read English 204 (Act2)
Jan 12: GEO 101@10; MGTOP101@11; BLAW210@12;Do GEO study questions (ch.1) Read text; Read COM 295(ch2-5); Do Econ 101 problems; Redo BLAW brief; Apply for scholarship; Do laundry; read

Sept 27-“get polo, ask about shift (keeley), try to get next week shift covered, check payroll hours”; BDCST 350 @9-10:25; Break:pick up polo from office of admission 370; BIO 201@12; BDCST 355@1:30-4:30; APAW Meeting@5pm; Work Out; Alarm; WST:response, read study; BDCST
March 28- KUGR Beat – Pullman Fire/Police; SOC 362@10:35; Break:turn in mini disk player; BDCST481@1:20 Case Study Due; COM 321 @2:50; Read SOC article CADD paperwork; Work training@5-8 CUE 419

Sept 9-Study GRE;Soc 390@10:35-11:50;SOC 367@12-1:15; Break: Ambassador Office Hour @1:45pm-3:45pm; BDCST 475 @4-7pm; Check out equipment @7-9pm; E-mail Special Projects team; Cable 8 training; workout; read SOC 367 (outline); Change calendar; pack the journal
Feb 18- Career Expo 9-3pm Beasley w/ Jerry; Anth 468@11; Eng 402@1pm Problem Memo Due; Work @2;30-5pm; Visit Kanale/Meg/Liam@6:15pm; Extra Credit Anth @7pm CUE 220; Write Summary

March12-“pay day”; Group meeting @8:30am; Org Behavior @9:30am; Work @2; Cul/Comm; Mazda Oil Change @5:45pm; study
May 22-“Research Practicum Seminar 9am-5pm (last)”
Aug 2-Car pick up; take family to ORD @8am; make shuttle reservation; Guppy Interview @1pm; UPS box pick; ship out goods; check out; Hotel reservation @3pm

New Years Resolution: To start a Personal Finance Budget for 2011 and to be a “better friend”

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