Got a Question?

Remember when you were young and when you wanted something you simply just asked for it? The other night, I was standing in line at Rite Aid when a child in front of me broke the silence.

“Mom, can I have a candy bar?”

“No honey,” her mother says.

She reaches for a Snickers bar anyway and asks, “Why?”

“Because we are going to have dinner soon,” she replies reaching for her daughter’s hand. “When we get home you can have a snack.”

Satisfied with the reason, the little girl put the candy bar down and stood quietly, holding her mom’s hand.

It was at that moment that I asked myself why we as adults don’t ask simple, innocent questions anymore. I’ve sat in numerous business meetings, holding my tongue and asking questions in my head but never had the audacity to ask them out loud. Why? I’m not sure.

From the little amount of life experience that I have, I have noticed that the more questions that someone asks the quicker they are able to advance in their career. Let’s take for instance the over-achiever at work that is constantly asking for a promotion or a raise. Between you and that person, who seems to get recognized at work more often? Even though I know this, I still struggle to ask questions in my professional career so maybe there is something to be learned from the little girl that wanted a candy bar. If you want something – ask for it.  Honestly, the worse that can happen is that you don’t get a candy bar today instead you get a snack later.

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